Recognizing Settler Colonialism

“Settler colonialism is an ongoing system of power that perpetuates the genocide and repression of indigenous peoples and cultures. Essentially hegemonic in scope, settler colonialism normalizes the continuous settler occupation, exploiting lands and resources to which indigenous peoples have genealogical relationships. Settler colonialism includes interlocking forms of oppression, including racism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism. This is because settler colonizers are Eurocentric and assume that European values with respect to ethnic, and therefore moral, superiority are inevitable and natural… these intersecting dimensions of settler colonialism coalesce around the dispossession of indigenous peoples’ lands, resources, and cultures.”  – Alicia Cox

1. Listen to Isaac Murdoch explaining the connection between racism and colonialism.  How do racism and colonialism work together? 

2. Watch Lee Maracle explaining the culture of colonialism.  What is the culture of conquest?  How does it manifest itself?  What type of behaviours characterize this culture? 

3.  How is Canada currently engaging in settler colonialism?

4.  How can Canadians stop their complicity with settler colonialism? 

Click on an image and answer questions 3 & 4 above in relation to the image description.  Be sure to click on each underlined link in the image description for background information. 

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